3P Health Imaging

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Business Platform Design & Development

3p health imaging

Revolutionizing Healthcare with a Transparent and Seamless Data Management Platform, Enhancing Patient Experience and Streamlining Clinic Operations


3P is a web-based platform connecting patients and clinics for efficient and personalized healthcare services. It offers patient profiles to share medical information, easy appointment scheduling, access to medical records, and seamless medical imaging integration for doctors to review. Clinics can also manage doctors, consultations, and patient medical histories efficiently.

3p health imaging
3p health imaging
3p health imaging
3p health imaging

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The innovative platform 3P revolutionizes healthcare by digitizing manual processes, offering seamless appointment booking and medical information access for patients, while optimizing clinic operations and doctor management. Cutting-edge technology enhances the patient experience and eliminates administrative tasks.

Introducing a comprehensive web-based portal for clinics, doctors, and patients. Patients can create profiles with medical history, symptoms, and optional MR imaging uploads, while clinics can invite doctors for streamlined access to patient profiles, simplifying appointment setting and improving efficiency.

The Urban Software Process

3p health imaging


Strategizing goals, requirements, and timelines to guide development efforts effectively and align stakeholders toward a common vision.

3p health imaging


Creating skeletal outlines of interfaces to visualize layout, functionality, and user flow before advancing to detailed design and development.

3p health imaging


Crafting aesthetic, intuitive, and functional user interfaces that enhance user experience and fulfill project objectives with creativity and precision.

3p health imaging


Implementing logical, efficient, and maintainable software solutions based on design specifications using programming languages and best practices.

3p health imaging


Assessing software functionality, performance, and reliability through systematic examination to identify and resolve defects before deployment.

3p health imaging


Releasing to production environments, ensuring seamless integration, optimal performance, and no disruption to users and operations.