Professional Sourcing

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Business Platform Design & Development


Introducing a cutting-edge web-based platform meticulously crafted for the Recruitment industry. Its core mission is to effectively curtail expenses linked to the hiring process, empowering Recruiters with swift and seamless candidate storage and access within their Applicant Tracking System. This strategic approach aims to minimize the reliance on extensive advertising and sourcing efforts for each role, streamlining the recruitment process to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

professional sourcing solutions
professional sourcing solutions

We are problem solvers

We solve complex problems through custom software and app development by optimizing business processes, driving
innovation, and helping clients achieve their goals with tailored solutions.

Meet Professional Sourcing Solutions, a rising star in the Recruitment world. They spotted a real need in their industry for an automated platform to team up with existing Applicant Tracking Systems and make the vetting and hiring process a breeze. With this clever solution, finding and selecting candidates becomes a whole lot easier, solidifying their reputation as the cool kids of the field.

Introducing a sophisticated and user-friendly web-based application that empowers recruiters to take their candidate network wherever they go, ensuring instant access to every sourced candidate, regardless of its origin. This seamless functionality significantly enhances a recruiter's value to potential clients. With the ability to swiftly pivot from recruiter turnover, agencies can seamlessly onboard new recruiters, providing them with full access to the candidate database to continue their work within the client's portfolio, ensuring a flawless transition process.

The Urban Software Process

professional sourcing solutions


Strategizing goals, requirements, and timelines to guide development efforts effectively and align stakeholders toward a common vision.

professional sourcing solutions


Creating skeletal outlines of interfaces to visualize layout, functionality, and user flow before advancing to detailed design and development.

professional sourcing solutions


Crafting aesthetic, intuitive, and functional user interfaces that enhance user experience and fulfill project objectives with creativity and precision.

professional sourcing solutions


Implementing logical, efficient, and maintainable software solutions based on design specifications using programming languages and best practices.

professional sourcing solutions


Assessing software functionality, performance, and reliability through systematic examination to identify and resolve defects before deployment.

professional sourcing solutions


Releasing to production environments, ensuring seamless integration, optimal performance, and no disruption to users and operations.