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Enhancing Air Quality Awareness: Real-Time Mobile App for Instant Alerts and Dynamic Data from WBEA Monitoring Stations


The WBEA operates a network of continuous ambient air monitoring stations in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, promptly notifying select members of any exceedances of the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives (AAAQOs) along with detailed information on the parameter, station, date, time, concentration, wind speed, and wind direction.

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The WBEA sought an efficient solution for presenting measured air data to users, as the previous method lacked speed. Consequently, the implementation of a mobile app became imperative to provide customers with real-time, dynamic data as soon as it became available.

Instant alerts are seamlessly delivered to users for any air quality adjustments, as the system is directly connected to the WBEA database. The utilization of native mobile app coding enables immediate real-time updates, an efficiency unattainable when relying on Excel or manual databases.

The Urban Software Process

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Strategizing goals, requirements, and timelines to guide development efforts effectively and align stakeholders toward a common vision.

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Creating skeletal outlines of interfaces to visualize layout, functionality, and user flow before advancing to detailed design and development.

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Crafting aesthetic, intuitive, and functional user interfaces that enhance user experience and fulfill project objectives with creativity and precision.

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Implementing logical, efficient, and maintainable software solutions based on design specifications using programming languages and best practices.

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Assessing software functionality, performance, and reliability through systematic examination to identify and resolve defects before deployment.

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Releasing to production environments, ensuring seamless integration, optimal performance, and no disruption to users and operations.